Smart Home

Full control of your home

The heart of your home

Smart Home is able to control all the processes by itself: Lighting, Curtains, Air conditioning, Ventilation, Floor heating, Electricity, Security systems, Water leak systems and a lot more. All what’s needed for the comfort and perfect conditions of living. The program is adjusted individually for you and your family and also can be readjusted easily at any moment when it’s needed from your personal home app.



Electrical appliances control with the mobile device. No need to worry about the light or any electrical appliance switched on when leaving the house. One click on the smartphone,control panel or just a regular switch and it solved!


Motion sensor at night time. If you awake at night you do not need to walk in the dark to find a switch. Night spotlight system switches the light for 20-30% and will not blind you.


Remote door opening for your guests. If you are still not at home and the guests are on the door already. The system will let them in by on click on your smartphone.

Also you will be able to provide secure and controlled access to the TV, fridge or your computer remotely.

Save up to 30% on your bills
and contribute to the environment
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Reduced energy consumption
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Reduced gas consumption
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Reduced water consumption


Personal gadgets Control your home from your personal application on any of your mobile devices.

Control panels Sensor screens are comfortably located on the wall or on the desk and provide access to all of the functions of your home. Latest solutions of design and technology, our panels will ideally match any interior, also it is possible to have personal design of the app interface.

Sensor or push-button switches One-touch access to the centralized control. All of the switches have the backlight and you can personalize it with any picture or lettering. Boost your fantasy! All the devices are KNX interface based: light, window blinds, indoor temperature, entertainment and other systems.

VOICE CONTROL Integration of any voice-activated digital assistant which will help with control of all your smart home systems

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Your new desired level of comfort

Manage your home with the single click


World's leading brands

Our aim is to choose the equipment for your system, which will fully match the requirements of technical design specification: safety, esthetic and functionality.

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Smart Home by Uncom

Creating unique system from technical design to the ready to use adjusted system

What do we do
  • Preparing the technical design
  • Designing the engineering systems
  • Supplying the equipment
  • Assembling and installing the equipment
  • Programing and fine adjusting the system
  • Service and maintenance


Smart Home can be applied for

Our Smart Home will make your life easier. It will not create any trouble with constant breakdowns. Smart Home will work for you without any troubles for a years.

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Smart Home Your new level
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