The issue of security has always been relevant, and in modern realities it has become more important than ever before.
When it comes to security, most people think of a burglar alarm that will protect your home from unauthorized entry.

When we talk about security, we mean a set of measures to protect you and your property, which is much more functional than just a security system.


Our security systems are complex solutions that, of your choice, can perform the following functions.


— CCTV surveillance with the ability to record and view remotely from any device.
— Perimeter security. Reliable protection during absence or sleep.
— Intelligent motion sensors.
— Door and window opening control.

Fire and leakage protection

— Fire safety. CO, smoke and fire detectors. Automatic power outage and activation of fire extinguishing systems
— Leakage control. Sensors installed in “wet zones” activate solenoid valves when water leaks are detected and cut off the water supply to emergency areas.

Ensuring the safety of people and pets

—Intelligent surveillance cameras detect behavioral deviations of the elderly and send a help signal in case of an incident
— The "Child at Home" scenario will record the time of the student's return home
— Water surface control will immediately notify you of a child falling into the pool

Automated systems

— Simulated presence. Switching on / off lighting, opening / closing curtains, blinds according to a given scenario.
— Arming, locking doors, closing blinds and turning off unnecessary electrical appliances with one button. Eliminates the possibility of forgetting to close or turn off something before leaving


Enjoy peace of mind

Get rid of fears

Needless to say, comprehensive security will prevent many dangerous situations, minimize stress and financial losses.

It is also worth worrying about your property if the house is left unattended for a long time, especially if you take into account such a phenomenon as" okupas ".
Even being far away, you can have complete information about your home in real time.
But as you know, sometimes their plans are not stopped by any, even the most perfect alarms. On the other hand, it is easier to choose a house without protection than a house equipped with modern security systems.

In addition to reliable security, an automated house can become absolutely unsuitable for living, since without your command not a single light bulb or electrical appliance will turn on. An intruder will not be able to open the blinds, and the alarm will trigger an alarm every time he returns. In addition, no one will forbid you to turn on the lights or music 100% at any time of the night. After all, it is easier to leave the house and find another than to constantly struggle with it. We design and install the best self-contained security systems that protect you and your home from carbon monoxide, fire, water leaks, intrusion and other unwanted factors. The security system will immediately take action and notify you and the relevant services about the incident.




You will always be calm about your family and property with Uncom security systems.

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